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Colombian Learning circles are free so that there are no barriers that prevent children from participating in this incredible experience.

We want more and more children to come in and develop their creativity and ingenuity. We want to bring the best of ourselves to all children and for them to become great leaders and actors in the development of our countries.

Being able to carry out this work involves many expenses for us:
1) Fixed costs.
2) Administrative and academic costs.

3) Continuous training for our leaders.

4) Maintenance of virtual services.

5) Preparation of teaching materials for free use.

Each learning circle costs the foundation approx. $ 60 USD per child (approx. $ 200,000 COP per child) . We know that all families do not have the same socioeconomic conditions, so we invite you to support the foundation by making a free contribution according to your own abilities.


Puedes hacer tus donaciones directamente a la cuenta de ahorros Davivienda o Bancolombia:

You can make your donations directly to the Davivienda savings account number 108900062671 controlled by Dian on behalf of Fundación Círculos Colombianos de Aprendizaje



Cuenta de ahorros número: 03300006905

NIT: 901 468 030-9

A nombre de Fundación Círculos Colombianos de Aprendizaje

Donate a percentage of a child's learning circle
Donate to help one or more children

At this time we have different payment methods active: Paypal and mercadopago and our Davivienda bank account number 108900062671 controlled by DIAN on behalf of Fundación Círculos Colombianos de Aprendizaje.

By default we have arranged the donation of 60 USD (200,000 COP) equivalent to a learning circle of 8 sessions for a child. We invite you to finance 1, 2 or more children according to your financial capacity or to make a contribution of whatever value you can. You can also subscribe with the button on the right side of paypal to make a monthly contribution of the amount you deem appropriate and which can be canceled at any time.


All donations are supervised by DIAN (Colombian fiscal control body) and as such can be used to request a reduction in income tax in Colombia.

All donations will receive a donation certificate at the end of the fiscal year. For this purpose, it is necessary to send an email to, indicating:



1) Name, address, telephone, email.

2) Copy of the citizenship card.

3) RUT (if you have it)

4) Copy of the certificate generated by Paypal or of the bank deposit.


1) Name of the legal representative.

2) Copy of the legal representative citizenship card.

3) RUT and Chamber of Commerce

4) Copy of the certificate generated by Paypal or of the bank deposit.


Apóyanos: Apóyanos
Apóyanos: Apóyanos

For donations over $ 1500 USD (5,000,000 COP) please contact to receive detailed instructions.

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