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Feliz Huddle niños

• A learning circle is a space to free your mind and understand the mysteries of the world through your own experience. To guarantee the best possible results, each circle has a maximum of 10 participants where each one will explore in their own way and rhythm, a central problem given by the leader.

The role of the leader is to help shape the ideas that the participants are proposing.
• Access to knowledge is collaborative. Each of the participants will nurture the idea and access to new ideas is understood as a common achievement.

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We enrich the lives of students

We want to promote mathematical, scientific and technological thinking among the participants (of any socioeconomic, geographical, gender, etc.) through a mayeutic methodology of self-discovery, strengthening the self-esteem and empowerment of the participants in these areas and breaking with existing prejudices in this regard.

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• Academic / Scientific / Epistemological: Encourage in the participants the development of logical, mathematical, algorithmic and scientific thinking using a mayeutic or self-discovery methodology.
• Psychological: Strengthen the self-esteem and empowerment of the participants in topics related to science and technology, breaking existing prejudices in this regard.
• Democratic: Extend learning circles to the widest variety of audiences without having socioeconomic, geographic, gender, and racial restrictions, seeking to best represent the reality of the country.

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• We are not a replacement for the classroom. During the sessions the leader will not directly deliver new knowledge, he will provide tools and ideas and will help guide the lines of thought of the participants. It is not intended to teach students memorizations, nor to cover the basic MEN curricula.
• We do not encourage competition. Learning is collaborative, it is not about who can do the fastest but about sowing and building together an idea.
• We do not evaluate the traditional way. We do not take tests or leave homework. We focus on the experience of free and pressureless discovery.

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Our foundation is inspired by GLOBAL MATH CIRCLE, an organization led by Professor Robert Kaplan (Harvard University), with whom we are closely related. (For more information visit ) After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began activities in May 2020 with a pilot group in mathematics attended by 5 children.

During 2020 we covered more than 30 children from different parts of Colombia (Bogotá, Villavicencio, Villa Pinzon, Armenia, etc.) with different socioeconomic conditions, although most reported belonging to low-income families. After the formalization of the foundation in March 2021 we are working to continue with this beautiful project and continue growing.

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